Some of these points are a little close to home for business owners...

Nov 09, 2020 8:18 pm


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with Corey Hinde

G'day -

I jotted some points down yesterday that might resonate with you.....

its a collection of things that I often see, that need fixing if you want to really win in business....

if you are doing some of these things, don't freak out, just start thinking about what steps you need to take from here

Not maximising your winner: often, people have one channel or avenue that is by far their best source of business, and the don't tap out the potential of that avenue. Eg, a GREAT Facebook page, that they could maximise MORE, before spending time and effort on the next best thing....

Not testing variations of winning moves: I've seen some great ads, great email campaigns, and great websites. Once you start to succeed with something, you should still test variances of that thing. Eg, a great ad. It might give you a great result, but why test it with a new image or video, on a smaller test crowd, to see if you can get MORE from that same winning ad or marketing activity?

Having ZERO email game: You don't need a big email list and sequence of emails to win with email, but you do need to do something.... email, in some way, should be part of every businesses path to marketing success.

Too scattered: this happens often. Small businesses with a team of 1-3 people, trying to dominate on 4 social media platforms, plus managing a website, some paid traffic, and in person events too. Way too hard.... focus on 2-3 things at most, and run some testing, with limited resources, on other ideas / projects.

No Data to prove / disprove anything: small business disease.... get data, make decisions, constantly work to improve and get better. It starts with data and numbers. Google Analystics, Facebook Insights, email data. Get onto it. Use data, make decisions.

A Terrible website: Don't start me. Why why why...... it's SO important for your longterm success to have a strong website presence.

No way to nurture leads: most people are shopping around, doing research. Get them on an email list, or in a Facebook group. Build a relationship.

Too inconsistent: Don't be this business..... get consistent. If Facebook is your thing, commit to a schedule. If it's email, decide what you can realistically commit to.... it really helps.

Not investing in anything: stop thinking small. Think big... invest in your business. Pay for advice, hire a Google Ads pro, get a professionally designed website, pay ME to NAIL your SEO... do something and do it well....

Never running paid traffic: once you have an offer that converts, you need to pay for ads, to run traffic to that offer. We can talk more about this. Feel free to book a call with me to talk about this.

Little hints of amateur: you'll be amazed at how many sales are lost because of little things that business owners don't think count... a typo on your website, a gmail email account rather than a company email address, a stock photo on a website.... all of these things, and there are LOADS of them, instill a little bit of worry into customers... and they go somewhere else....



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Stay safe out there in business world!!

Corey Hinde


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