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Nov 03, 2020 8:36 pm


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with Corey Hinde

G'day -

Last week, my partner in another business and myself spent around an hour on a call, discussing headlines for an ad.

We then spent that much time again talking about the words on the landing page we had set up, and came up with some new variations to test.

Why should you care about this?

Because I want you to know, it's a great spend of time figuring out how to increase conversion rates, in your business.

For that particular business, we don't need more traffic / eyeballs / people seeing the ads. We are working on conversion rates right through, and we can ONLY do that with data, testing, and then discussions that lead to more data, more testing, and so on.

The results of those discussions and tests are already improving our conversion rates, AND quality of lead. SO... more people are seeing the ads, going to the landing page, and expressing interest in the product we are selling. PLUS... as we go, the number who convert (buy), is going up.

SO... again... why should you care?

Because you can do some of this stuff yourself, and work hard to convert more eyeballs, into customers.

Here are some tips:

1) Always have discussions with new leads and customers about what led them to your business, ask specifics like "what did you Google?", "which Facebook post led you here?", etc etc.

2) ENSURE you at least have Google Analytics on your website. If you can, get Google Search Console set up too, so you can learn more about peoples behaviour on your website. You might have some pages that pull lots of traffic and then convert into customers, and you need to know which ones they are.

3) Monitor your email open rates, click through rates, and your Facebook page insights as well. What is working for you on Facebook? What is working for your competition? What can you double down on? What can you STOP doing?

4) This is a biggie... something I do for SEO clients is reverse engineering. I'll look at my clients competitors, and spend a whole day sometimes pulling apart their business, so I can set up a plan of attack for my client. What pages are converting for them? What is their Facebook game like? What calls to action do they have on their website? Where are they ranking for keywords that I want, and also secondary traffic sources like Google My Business and LinkedIn?

5) Ask yourself.... "Do I actually NEED more customers - or could I just grow my existing accounts and then rely on referrals from them?". This is not a silly idea. My SEO mentor group had a testimonial this week from a consultant who never advertises, and does ZERO social media... he relies ENTIRELY on referrals because he BLOWS people away with his service, and people come to HIM, and hence he can charge whatever he likes.

6) Remember that people buy from people they trust. Cold traffic is a hard game. Can YOU partner up with someone with a good list or following, and build some referrals through there somehow? Someone else endorsing you is a powerful marketing hack.

Right - hope those thoughts help you.

I've got nothing to sell you right now, just wanted to dish out some advice.

Feel free to message me if you have any problems, I always keep some time free to help people out.

Corey Hinde


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