Use this template to get customers - it works

Nov 16, 2020 10:44 pm


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Digital Marketing with Corey Hinde

G'day -

Now is the time to reach out to former clients / customers.... before people switch off and wind down for Xmas...

I think you'll agree... with businesses waking up, you need to take strong action now....

Please TAKE and USE our short "service improvement email" template... our clients use it as a fast way to reach out to former customers / clients to: 


a) follow up and see how things are going

b) potentially book more work and

c) get referrals for more clients.....

and the bonus >>> get some Google Reviews too...

Here it is:

ps - some feedback from my 20 years in marketing.......

1) everyone should think about SEO (getting ranked higher on Google)

2) everyone should learn more about copywriting... it's the ultimate business superpower

3) most small businesses I've helped, struggle to find an offer that converts over and over again. When they do, they should pay for some traffic.....(Google Ads for example)

Grab that resource... use it..... GO

Corey Hinde

Founder - Good Oil Digital Marketing

ps - nothing to sell to you right now, but if you DO want to join my waiting list for 2021, email me and ask. I'm only taking on a select few private clients.