Ivan’s Guide to Video Streaming Equipment for PC

https://medium.com/media/23644e4b1ca8a1e56051f9f8a6ad914a/hrefRange of Total Cost: $200 to $450WebcamNexiGo — https://www.amazon.com/Microphone-Streaming-AutoFocus-NexiGo-N680P/dp/B08CL56SDSAnything with 1080p HD quality, but this would be mind pick,...

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Dec 06, 2020
Still spot on in 2018.

Still spot on in 2018. I found your post, because I did a Google Search, trying to figure out why anyone cares about Slack. (haha)You’re Right. With so many project management solutions, I just don’t get why Wed Developers push it so much.It makes no...

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Jun 30, 2018