🏡Getting your house ready before the riots hit, surviving riots in your area and did congress just hold a hearing on conspiracy theories?

Oct 16, 2020 9:16 am

October 14, 2020



Good morning, yes I know, I missed yesterday's email, funny thing is I typed it all up, and forgot to schedule...oops.

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Let's jump into the news and today's topics.

📰 Prepper Post for Oct 16 2020


In today's Prepper Post we discuss lies, statistics, and viruses, congressional hearing on conspiracy theories, deep fakes and more in today's top stories.

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📖 20 Things to Get Your House Ready to Survive a Riot


Yes, I know, we've talked a lot about riots this month. But I just want you to be aware of what might be coming, and what to do if it gets here.

Here are 20 tips that will help you get your apartment or house ready for a riot.

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🎥 Surviving Riots in Your Area


So far, my family and I, have been fortunate to live in an area where tensions have yet to get so bad that riots and civil unrest has broken out. BUT...we live in between two major cities, and I know it's bound to happen.

So today's video is all about surviving riots in your area.

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Remember, Stay Always,

Scott Hughes


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