🔥 Coffee is off to a great start, stay warm in the bitter cold, do these things if a riot breaks out, Pompeo's got jokes, and more.

Nov 13, 2020 10:16 am

November 13, 2020



Looks like our coffee is a hit, so we've been roasting our beans off...is that even a thing? Probably not, but anyway, if you're ready to up your morning coffee game, grab a bag and see for yourself!

Freedom Roasters Coffee

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Let's jump into the news and today's topics.

📰 Prepper Post for Nov 13 2020


The electoral college, a counter punch from Trump, will they cancel Christmas and more.

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📖 10 Things to do if a Riot Breaks Out Near You


The most common cause of a riot is public issues such as government controls, racial tensions, civil frustration, religious extremism, etc. Unfortunately, these irritations are growing in both intensity and frequency. Our society is heading towards a tipping point. The current COVID-19 pandemic has placed our society on a mound of dry firewood. All it needs is a single spark to explode into a frenzied fire.

Since you will never be able to predict unrest with absolute certainty, the only way to save yourself is by preparing for a riot beforehand.

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Sponsored by Freedom Roasters Coffee

So...it's here. Our coffee, Freedom Roasters Coffee, is ready for your taste buds to be amazed.

We are biased when we say it's smooth and delicious, and like no other coffee we've tasted, but I think we're supposed to say that.


Why will you like our coffee better then your local grocery store? Did we mention it's delicious?

We roast in very small batches, one pound or less. So when you place an order, the roasting process for your coffee begins. We aim to roast, pack and ship within 24 hours of you placing your order. Plus you'll be supporting us, your favorite prepper newsletter, website and soon our very own social network to get away from Facebook and the other big tech overlords.

Freedom Roasters Coffee

🎥 Skills to Learn Now to Stay Warm Outside this Winter


Learn to Survive the Bitter Cold and Snow

Winter is coming, sooner than scheduled for many of us. Here's how to survive outside in the cold and snow.

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Remember, Stay Always,

Scott Hughes


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