Presentations, Panels, the last short story

Mar 01, 2024 5:30 pm

I'm looking for panel/presentation ideas for the Writers Cantina in June. I've been accepted as a panelist/presenter, but no one has come forward to say, "You do such a fantastic job at writing _____ in your books that we want you on a panel to discuss ______, or we would like you to do a presentation on _______." I think there are at least two reasons for that. First, I'm relatively unknown (and I'm using "relatively" as a soft form of "entirely"). Second, I haven't attempted to tout expertise on any particular genre, technique, or trope. Although I've received compliments on several aspects of my writing, I'm hesitant to claim expertise on anything. If you have ideas, share them with me -- even if they're more comic than useful.

I submitted three short stories recently: a weird western, a space cowboy story, and a story inspired by a Jethro Tull song. They were great fun to write. Writing short stories takes away from my novel writing time, but they offer more immediate satisfaction. There's a word limit, so the story has to fit into a box of a small size and can be finished within a week or two. Additionally, there are genre or other parameters to which the story must adhere. There's also the tide of hope that rises when the story is complete and can be sent off for consideration. Finally, even if the story isn't accepted at the original destination, it could be accepted somewhere else or put in an anthology of my own. -- All that to explain why I don't have any progress to report on the bugmageddon novel, but that's about to change.

Let me remind you of this:

Flash Fiction Contest: Submit a story of 500 words or less. The story must include a pool table OR a piece of farm machinery. Submit your story in the body of your email, or you may attach it as a .docx or pdf. The winner will be awarded his/her choice of one of my autographed paperbacks (delivery in continental U.S. only). I retain no rights to any stories presented. If the winner and runner(s) up consent, I'll post their stories on my webpage. Fair warning: Don't exceed a PG-13 rating. Let's make March 20 the deadline to submit your story.

I've received a few entries, but I'm looking for more.

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