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Jul 25, 2022 9:26 pm

Thank you for downloading In Death Bedrenched. I hope that you're enjoying the exciting prequel to the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire series. As soon as you've finished it, you can get a free review copy of the first book in the series, Threading the Rude Eye, through this link.

I know you may have signed on solely to take advantage of the free ebook. That's OK. Unlike The Hotel California, you can leave this newsletter any time you like. If you haven't already departed based on that lame joke, hang around and learn more about me and my books.I usually include links to other give-aways in my newsletter.

The newsletter comes out twice a month--about the 1st and the 15th. I say "about," because doing the newsletter, the blogs, writing exhilarating tales in various settings, and wrestling with mundane scheduling issues (I usually win two falls out of three), all while maintaining gainful employment in the field of my training means I aim for those days but allow my self a window of a couple days either way. Mostly I aim to misbehave

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I'm looking for fans. If you like any of my writing (or all of it), don't worry. The side-effects are nearly all good. I'm am blissfully unaware of any associated fatalities. The most frequently reported reaction is an insistence that I write more.

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