Good News about lots of things too numerous to fit in the subject line

Feb 08, 2021 11:57 pm

I've got some good news to share with you--and I don't mean that my next book is almost ready. It's coming along, but it's still a month away from completion. However, you can get 5 autographed books from 5 famous authors -- or at least 4 famous authors and me.

All you need to do is to follow the link below and enter to win. There will be 5 winners. Each winner will receive 5 signed books. By signing up, you will go on the newsletter list of the 5 authors, but you can unsubscribe from them at any time. It's a great way to get started on, or add to, your Thriller/Mystery library. I received an advance copy of The Wilding Probate (which is set in Idaho) by my friend Dave Butler. I really enjoyed the fun, fast pace of the book. It is a fun, fast read. Are you getting the idea that it's fun and fast? It is. You'll love it. I know you'll also love my 1948 noir detective novel Smoke. It's certainly one of my favorites. Trust me, you want these autographed copies.

Here's a cool picture featuring all the books and the link:


Please do share this letter and the link with any friends who might enjoy these great books.

Can there possibly be more good news?

Of course there is. I've started outlining a dystopian thriller that hits close to home. It will be packed with action, danger, fierce beasts, and sprinkled lightly with philosophy and social commentary. The title remains unknown.Let me know if you have any title suggestions.

Yet more good news. How would you like to be featured in one of my books? If you would like to see a character based on yourself, let me know. Let me know whether you would like that character to appear in the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire series, or in the dystopian thriller I just mentioned above. We can talk about what specific traits your character will have.

As for me. Saturday, I took one of the cats exploring into the 100 acre wood, i.e., the extensive weed patch at the end of my property where elk, deer, pheasant, and other wildlife occasionally seek shelter. We both returned without harm. On Sunday I broke out the guitar after a long hiatus and remembered most of the songs I can play--after numerous missteps. I can't figure out why everyone else left the room while I played.

Finally, you may have noticed that my news letter is in your box a few days early this month. That's because I want to let you know about your shot at winning the books above, AND that I'm a panelist at the Life, The Universe, and Everything conference in Provo this week. The conference if virtual this year, so that makes it easy to attend. I'm on 4 panels. The two writing panels I'm on deal with contracts, and plot twists. The two gaming panels I'm on deal with historical gaming, and the psychology of gaming.

Here's how you can attend if you would like: Click the link, and then at the LTUE page, click the registration button on the upper right.

I told you there was lots of good news. I hope that this time next month I can tell you that Promise of Carnage and Flame is ready--but we'll see (Anyone want a sneak peek? - let me know). In the meantime, may your troubles be small and your joys be large.

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