The subject has taken possession of the author

Jan 16, 2023 5:33 pm

"It is not the author who decides on the subject, but the subject which takes possession of the author..." --Alexandre Dumas-- Wolf Leader

What has possessed you?

As for me, I'm still obsessing with putting together book 6. I have written the first chapter and part of the second. If you've read very far into book 5, Truth in Flames, you will have come across the name Pougatshev. I spelled it that way because the reference I saw for it, which dated from 1775, was spelled that way. Now all the references I find spell it Pugachev. That's okay. I'll stick with the older spelling. So who is this guy? You'll learn more in book 6, but here's a little peek at what wikipedia says about him:

The idea of impersonating the late Emperor Peter III occurred to Pugachev early on, even before he reached the Yaik Cossacks. ... Pugachev, posing as a wealthy merchant, reportedly tested the feelings of the Cossacks at the Yaitsk by suggesting that he led a mass exodus into Turkey. When the majority seemed to agree with his plan, he deemed it the right time to begin his rebellion. Though he was arrested shortly after once again, and this time held for five months at Kazan, he escaped once more and returned to the Yaitsk to start his revolt By promising to return several privileges to the Cossacks and to restore the Old Belief, he was able to gain the support he needed to promote his identity as Peter III.

Unexpected thought: Here I sit writing the newsletter and listening to Kadim Al Sahir, which is giving me flashbacks to Arabic class in college, while passing on information about a dead Russian rebel. The music has moved to the next tune. It's Edith Piaf singing Retour. I told you I was eclectic.

Anyway that distraction aside here's something you might like: I'm giving away book 2 OR book 3 in the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire Series -- the winner gets to choose which autographed paperback they would like to receive. For my overseas fans, sorry, I need to limit this one to the Continental U.S. It's live now!


I've finished American Tempest: How the Boston Tea Party Sparked a Revolution by Harlow Giles Unger. It provided some great information about Sam Adams and John Hancock. It's worth a read.

Take at look at these free prequels in fantasy and sci-fi.

I'm currently reading Wolf Leader by Alexandre Dumas.

Don't forget about the free short story on my site for your reading pleasure. Your feedback is always appreciated.. Over the Black Glass can be found here.

Speaking of short stories, I did submit one that has made it through the first level of screening. We'll see how far it gets through the process. I'll let you know how to get it if it should happen to get published.

I'm still waiting to receive my author copies of Truth in Flames.

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