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Jun 01, 2023 3:05 pm

I finally changed the spark plug in the F650GS. I've had the plug for a couple years or more, but I've been afraid of doing the job. That sounds silly, but I had read the experiences and watched the videos of others who had done it. The task seemed daunting. I finally decided to tackle the project. While it was tedious--because of the tight access which allowed only a quarter turn or less of the plug before raising the tool and turning the tool another quarter turn, placing it back on the plug and repeating the process until the plug was fully removed from the socket--it was not difficult. I wish I had done it sooner. That job wasn't nearly as complicated as changing the oil and coolant, which I had previously done.

There's probably some kind of lesson there about procrastination and facing one's fears--but I may refuse to face that for a while.

The writing of Book 6 in the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire Series is at the halfway point. I'm in the middle of chapter 15. There's a lot going on and I'm excited enough about it that I may send another five chapters to my Skirmish Team for review. A new fantasy creature is set to make a debut and old friends are caught up in adventure. Some seek out adventure, and others have adventure thrust upon them. Here's an excerpt featuring the loquacious Atu, Iago, and the gryphon Levenir:

“Our most optimistic aspiration thus requires that our comrades enjoy the hospitality of those monsters of flame and suffering.”

Iago signed.

“Iago reminds me that we may yet hope that our friends have escaped all the perils which you have enumerated. However, in the event that our friends have been seized in an untoward encounter with natives who bend the knee to dragons, how might we best give them aid and rescue?”

Levenir sat on his haunches and marked in the dirt with a talon. “Goroganda’s mountain is here...

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In my reading, I just started The Tyranny of Public Discourse. I haven't decided if I like it. There are some good things so far, but there's also the occasional phrase that sounds erudite and inspiring but when dissected leans more toward meaningless feel-good filler. I expect to have a more developed report next time. I'll share any good stuff I find. Maybe the quality of my newsletters will even improve.


I recently linked a Memorial Day memory on my blog, and included some thoughts on my latest viewing of Hamlet. It can be found here if you're interested.

The Summer Book Bash is here. Check out these free and discounted books for summer.

The Troubled Times sale -- stories about living in troubled times can be found here. (This Link is now corrected).

The Shrinking Zone is part of the sale (note that it will be reduced to 99 cents later in the month for this giveaway--about the 9th, I think. There's a timing complication that won't let me reduce it earlier). BUT I see that the paperback is 3 dollars off for a few copies--I don't know how many. I also note the paperback of Threading the Rude Eye is a dollar off on the same basis. It's a mad world, and Amazon is raising the prices on my paperbacks, so the good deals will go to whomever gets there first.


If you haven't yet read about the Great Christmas Chicken Chase, here's your chance.


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