Life would be very miserable indeed

May 15, 2024 3:17 pm

Things are somewhat turbulent in my neck of the woods with the primary election happening in a few days. I won't give the particulars, but depending on the outcome of a local contest my day job may be coming to an end. Big changes could be just around the corner. In more uplifting news, my granddaughters got a horse and are becoming quite the riders. My son informs me that he found a picture of me in the tack shed from when I was eight years old. He showed me the picture. I looked a lot better then. Not everything gets better with age.

And speaking of my looks, Wayne Turmel interviewed me and posted it to his site, complete with a bad picture of me. To be fair, it is the picture I sent him.

My bugmageddon book is in the final chapters. I should have it complete before the next newsletter. I continue to polish my bloviation on Forging Unforgettable Stories--in fact, it hit me last night that with every page the author must continue to make the sale to the reader--but I still don't have a date for the local presentation. However, the Writers Cantina has scheduled me for the presentation at the end of June.

I have succeeded at last in adding the Flash Fiction Winners. Go check them out. Nothing wanted to work after the latest site updates, so I struggled for hours getting these added--and also took down the links to the old articles, but I did leave up "Over The Black Glass." The winner selected my 1940s noir mystery Smoke as his prize.

Let's do another contest--something easier this time. Complete the caption in the conversation bubble in the comic picture below.

image"Can't today. I'm busy__________."

Keep it classy. The winner may select one of my 99 cent ebooks on Amazon, one of my westerns, or an ebook copy of my bugmageddon novel, Bugs in The System, when I upload it to Amazon. I'll email him or her a link/coupon to get the selected prize. I have about 5K words to go before the novel is complete.

I'm wondering about doing autographed bookplates to insert in my print books for anyone who has purchased one of my print books. Any interest?

If feudal Japan and the challenges of a female warrior entice you, follow this link to Diana Fedorak's free story Onna Bugeshia.

If the forbidden pleasures of the Rubaiyat beckon, Sarah Owens has a free book for you.

Open the door to some free and discounted sci-fi, fantasy, action and adventure reads at here.

Get some Speculative fiction - some with dragons - here.

Here are more gratuitous sci-fi and fantasy books.

"[L]ife would be very miserable indeed were I to spend it in terror of the thing that has not yet happened." - Edgar Rice Burroughs