From fish to Twain and Branagh's Hamlet again

May 01, 2023 10:01 am

I went fishing one day this week on the reservoir. It's an annual ritual we do with some of our Fish and Game officers. I'll spare you the photo of me with the only fish I caught. The weather was great, but the fishing was not. Four guys caught 6 fish. One of the guys didn't catch any. Mine was neither the first, last, nor biggest. I'm just happy that I didn't get completely skunked. I'll spare you the picture of me and my fish.

In Book 6 of the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire Series, I'm into chapter 12. I think I've been most moved by books 3, 4, and 5 in the series. I expect book 6 to equally powerful, pressing both the tension and emotion buttons. I would love to hear what parts from the series you have found most moving or memorable.

In case I didn't already mention it, I've finished reading With Musket & Tomahawk Volume I: The Saratoga Campaign by Michael O. Logusz. I highly recommend it for a good tale of the main campaign. It is detailed, well told, and exciting. I look forward to reading volume II.

I also finished Mark Twain's A Double Barrelled Detective Story. It's not as humorous as most of Twain's stories. I only marked three passages of interest. The story features Sherlock Holmes and, as you might expect, the great English detective falls decidedly short of his reputation in Twain's piece.

I'm doing a rewatch of Branagh's Hamlet. It is quite good. I think my favorite part this time is Charleton Heston as Player King. He had a certain gravitas that eludes the extremely talented Branagh.


For those of you interested in free and discount books from other authors:

Take at look at these giveaways in sci-fi and fantasy with a military twist.

Luna Fox offers Tides of Blackness, Conquest of the Dracomancer, for only 99 cents. It's an epic fantasy adventure featuring voidragons, the Sightless Cabal, and a new Order of Dracomancy.

Afterworld: The Haunted Realm Beyond Our Stars (Next Life Book One) is by James G. Robertson. It's a story set in a dystopian afterlife.

Eric Kao's first book of the Dome Series, The Shadow Spinner, features a woman on the run who must unlock secret powers and fight in gladiatorial combat to realize an impossible quest.

Here's author Mark J. Donovan's The Hidden City: The Jade Crown (Book I) on Amazon.

Lori Holmes invites you to check out The Forbidden, her story of a woman's perilous journey across an inhospitable wilderness pursued by savage predators and a murderous chieftain who covets her mysterious powers.


Finally, if you have any interest in the old television show Combat!, you can check out my recaps and reviews of some episodes on my blog. Here is one for the episode entitled "Missing in Action."


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