I'm talking about a wallop and a rant

Dec 02, 2022 5:04 am

I'm editing Truth in Flames. I just finished chapter 12. I admit to feeling like parts of the first three chapters are slower than most of the series, but the rest of the book really packs a wallop.

My arc readers have made some great comments. Here are a few remarks:

"Antonio is magnificent! "

"I was moved by the oratory and passion... Truly a stirring passage."

"Best book in the series so far."

The last remark is self-explanatory. The other two remarks relate to different chapters. Antonio is magnificent. He is one of my favorite characters to write. Another arc reader had unadulterated praise for that character as well. Antonio is a big character. He does big things--at least he remembers them that way. I wish I could remember how one reader described him--something like: a swashbuckler, a scoundrel, and a charmer--but that's my poor recollection of the better description that she gave. Antonio does get to shine in this book--but he always does when given the chance.

As for the oratory and passion--it is stirring. I cannot disagree. Some of the things in Truth in Flames are extremely near and dear to my heart, and I'm smothered in deep and abiding pleasure when a reader reveals that they're moved by the words I've written.

You can start with the first book for only 99 cents.

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I'm still reading A Man Called Intrepid. It's nothing like I anticipated, and it gets more interesting the more deeply I delve into it.

I finished Victory or Death: The Battles of Trenton and Princeton by Mark Maloy.

You can read my quick thoughts about it here.

I am considering putting up some of my short stories on my website and posting links in the newsletter to them. Is there any interest in that?


I'm watching a few things. Let me rant about one of them.

The English - I'm about three episodes in on my vidangel watch of this show, which I watch while I'm working out on the Bowflex M5. I've heard good things about it--the show, I mean, not the M5. It's a BBC show, and so far my thoughts can be summed in this sentence: "These people don't know how to make a good western." I hope to be proven wrong. What I've seen so far is a parody of a western--a parody of a spaghetti western. Maybe they don't understand westerns, or they're not trying to make a western at all, and I'm the one who doesn't understand.

What are my complaints? Slow, boring, and mostly uninteresting are words/phrases that come to mind. The episodes have largely consisted of long pauses and slow conversation. I've heard better, quicker, and wittier repartee between inebriated muskrats. It's possible that I exaggerate--but only a little. In addition to the glacial pace of the dialog, I think the whole children's bow problem of the last episode I watched is what set me off. An Indian outlaw has a bow that seems to be a lot like the one my kids practiced with. It looks like it might have a draw weight of about ten pounds. At well beyond a hundred yards, probably closer to two hundred yards, the outlaw put an arrow completely through a guy with this child's bow. I don't think that bow would put an arrow completely through three layers of cardboard at twenty yards, let alone a human body at two hundred yards. Later in the episode, the Emily Blunt character shoots the bow and kills the outlaw--whom she can't even see because he has gone through a thick growth of tall willows and brush where the Chaske Spencer character had told her to go if he got killed as it would be her only chance. I don't know, maybe it's a +47 bow of target seeking or something--except this isn't supposed to be bad D&D dressed in the garb of a western is it? Is it? No. I can tell, because even bad D&D would be better than this. However, I will suffer through at least one more episode with the hope that I've missed the gist and my eyes will be opened to the wonder that it really is.


This little fantasy giveaway promotion is still going on: It isn't a big list, but you'll want to give these books a look if fantasy or adventure interests you.


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