🥤 Smoothie Time

Oct 19, 2020 4:28 am


October 18, 2020


Raspberry Sunrise Smoothie

This smoothie recipe (from Damn Delicious) can serve as your canvas. Try adding ingredients like: oats, yogurt, protein powder, tofu, chia seeds, alt-milk, kale, ginger, berries, cinnamon, nuts and more. I'm partial to adding frozen bananas as my base, but you do you. Prepare your smoothie however, just be sure to freeze that fruit before blending.


Miso Tahini Roasted Sweet Potato Bowl

I love all the ingredients of this dish (from Mob). The umami from the miso with the richness of the tahini on top of the roasted sweet potatoes looks divine. I also like the texture of adding toasted cashews. Make a big batch of this. It'll go well with our Dishwasher Steaks.


Dishwasher Steak

Yes, I said dishwasher steaks. Your dishwasher is just one big sous vide believe it or not. The technique of braising the steak at the last minute with butter is a great one. Try adding some garlic and rosemary to the butter to give the steak some amazing flavor. Disclaimer: Because people need to be told to not ingest detergents, if you do end up using your dishwasher to make this steak, do not run it with soap!

Let's make this one a great week everyone 👊


Ps. Do you have any cooking questions? Email me your questions. I'm here to help.

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