👻 Halloumi Halloween Breakfast?

Oct 30, 2020 7:56 pm


October 30, 2020

Morning, Fancies.

Tomorrow is Halloween, Monday is Dia De Los Muertos and Thursday is Guy Fawkes Day. Whichever day you celebrate (celebrate them all!), make real food and be safe out there. Let's get into the Best of the Best recipes over the last week.


Pumpkin Fritters (Pampoen Koekies)

In the spirit of Halloween, these South African pumpkin fritters are going to take the win. I've never had them before. And wondering why this is not as popular as it should be. You guys will make this and change hearts and minds. I've never had caramel on top of a dessert fritter before. I'd add some cinnamon and cardamom to the dry mixture to spice things up. Yum!


French (Canadian) Onion Soup

I'm not sure what makes this French onion soup Canadian, but it looks easy enough to make (email me if you know why). It's also perfect for a cold Fall evening. I'd swap out the cheddar with Gruyere to make this fancier. And if you are not making your own croutons, come on!


Halloumi Breakfast Sandwich

Halloumi is a Greek cheese eaten throughout the East Mediterranean. You can now find it in most grocers across America. I grew up eating it almost every weekend for breakfast. My mom used to pan fry halloumi and serve it on the side with some shakshuka, hummus, cucumbers/tomatoes, black olives and black tea. I'm going to make this recipe this weekend on a nice brioche bun. I may swap out the mayo and make a chipotle-yogurt-lime dressing. Be sure not to add too much salt to your eggs as halloumi is naturally salty. Once you try Halloumi you'll be adding it to everything from burgers to salads. Your welcome 😀

Stay up everyone and enjoy your weekend,