🍄 Do you mushroom ragù?

Nov 13, 2020 10:36 pm


November 13, 2020

Hello Fancies! So what if it's Friday the 13th! Let's drink some coffee, be grateful and watch a bunch of gif recipes to inspire us on what to cook this weekend.


Starter: Mushroom Ragu with Ricotta Polenta

Fall is ALL about mushrooms. What's awesome about this recipe is that you can serve this dish with some ziti pasta, rice or even some olive oil and garlic mashed potatoes. I'd mess with some wild mushrooms like shiitake or trumpet (my favorite mushroom). If you wanna be extra fancy, substitute the veggie broth for some porcini mushroom broth. You can take those dried porcinis at the store, rehydrate them in 3 cups of water, add some aromatics and a bay leaf and let simmer for 20-30 mins. You'll have a rich broth to add to this awesome ragù.


Main: Roast Chicken

If you can't wait for Thanksgiving in a few weeks, this roast chicken will hold you over. Date molasses in a brine the night before is beautiful. I assume many of you don't have date molasses in your larder. You can brine with some sugar or honey. No problem. If you're impatient like me, you don't need to brine. Leave your bird out at room temperature and proceed with the recipe as instructed. I would actually throw all the herbs and lemon zest, etc. into the butter first to make an herb butter. Whatever you do, please don't skip on making the gravy. It's so easy and will go well with whatever starch you choose.


Dessert: Pear Galette

It's all about pears at the stores right now. And making a galette will help you connect with the season even more. Eat a whole galette and you're body will turn into that Kim Kardashian pear shape we all admire #justkidding


Be Wild: Golden Shrimp Balls

The recipes from Issa Grill are so wild sometimes you can't help but watch over and over. This recipe could be your weekend project. Enjoy!

Have a delicious weekend,