🔥 Hot Sauce Anyone?

Oct 28, 2020 8:09 pm


October 28, 2020


Hot Sauce

It's that time of year when the peppers are on fire and you gotta make some hot sauce. This recipe from The Full Measure is will give you some smokiness from the chipotles and sweetness from the carrots and pineapple. I've made versions of this before and it's delish.

I'm making some hot as I write. Mine is made with 750g of Fresno Chiles which I blended with salt (2-3% by weight). Throw in a glass container and let them sit for about 5 days to ferment. You'll need to burp it once a day. If you see the glass fogging up it means the fermentation is working and it's now alive. Fermented hot sauce is on another level. Yes it takes longer to make (you don't do much to be honest) but the bright notes and depth of flavor is unmatched. Give it a try.

Let's add more hot sauce to our lives, people!


Ps. What's your favorite thing to put hot sauce on? Me: scrambled eggs with this fermented hot sauce.