Low Key Gnocchi 🍄

Oct 04, 2020 9:55 pm


October 5, 2020


Crispy Salmon with Wilted Chard

Rainbow chard always reminds me of Fall. You can add chard, collard greens, kale to just about any soup or make it into a side dish like this gif recipe (source). There's two steps to cooking rainbow chard: (1) sauté the ends to soften and (2) wilt the greens. You can make these greens with a side of chicken, tofu, steak, etc. Don't sleep on chard.


Mushroom Gnocchi Bake

Try this recipe (source) with all sorts of mushrooms: chanterelles, trumpets (my favorite), porcini, shiitake. Sometimes at the your grocery store they'll have a fancy fancy mushroom medley. You can use that too. Whatever you find, be sure to brown it to create that depth of flavor. Wash, trim and dry your mushrooms before you cook. Oh and if taleggio is hard to find, sub in some fontina or gruyere.


Green Pozole

Every Saturday for years I would try and find the best pozole to eat. This recipe (source) while not "traditional" does strip away the complexity of making pozole and still gives you a one-pot meal you can eat all week long. For some extra crunch, be sure to eat with some tostadas or tortilla chips. I also like to add some oregano and crushed red pepper to give my bowl of pozole that fancy effect.

Stay hungry this week,


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