Mental for Lentils

Oct 11, 2020 8:40 pm


October 11, 2020


Spicy Lentil Stew (gif)

I love, love, love lentils. They can be added to salads, soup, and like this recipe from Mob Kitchen, a spicy stew. Use this stew a template. I may could see you making this with a Middle Eastern or French or Mexican bent. If you want, add some sausage to make it a complete meal. To make this go faster in your kitchen, Trader Joe's (for those in the USA) has these awesome French Lentils in a pack in the veggie section. I always grab two to add to everything. I like to go fancy on a budget 😀


Porchetta Pork Roast (gif)

Want to feel Italian? This is the fastest way to get there. Make this porchetta roast (source) today. Serve this roast with some nice crostini or even the lentil stew you made from above. Chop up roast up and make some sliders or even some porchetta tacos? Yum !!!


Apple Galette (gif)

Apples are still in season and this recipe (source) is a quick and easy way to eat them. I would go the extra fancy mile to add some Maldon salt sprinkled on the crust to give it that depth of flavor between sweet and salty. Eat this for breakfast, as an afternoon snack with coffee or as a dessert. It will not disappoint.

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