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Sep 13, 2023 11:16 am


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New Releases

Francine's Foibles: Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection Six by Linda Shenton Matchett

Subgenre: Historical

Release Date: September 12th

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


She's given up hope. He never had any. Will they find it together?

World War II is finally over, and America is extra grateful as the country approaches this year’s Thanksgiving. But for Francine life hasn’t changed. Despite working at Fort Meade processing the paperwork for the thousands of men who have returned home, she’s still lonely and very single. Is she destined for spinsterhood?

Grateful that his parents anglicized the family surname after emigrating to the United States after the Great War, first-generation German-American Ray Fisher has done all he can to hide his heritage. He managed to make it through this second “war to end all wars,” but what American woman would want to marry into a German family? Must he leave the country to find wedded bliss?

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Expired Vows (Last Chance Fire & Rescue Book 4) by Lisa Philips, Laura Conaway

Subgenre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: September 12th

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


Fire. Family. Faith.

Last Chance Fire and Rescue

She sees the promise of freedom. He vowed to always be the hero.

EMT Trace Bently came back to Last Chance County to escape his past. After the loss of his wife, he gave up a promising career as a police officer for the chance to save lives every day as part of the Fire Department. When a hostage situation demands the help of a local counselor, Trace realizes the past he left behind has found him. He’s being given a second chance to save the life of someone he cares about.

If he can face the grief he buried.

Family Counselor Kelsey Scott has to secure this grant or admit failure. She can’t afford to lose any more pieces of the life she wants because of her own choices. When Kelsey becomes the target of a series of dangerous attacks, Trace steps in determined to protect his wife’s best friend. This hero breaks down all her resistance, but Kelsey can’t risk her own heart.

Even if it’s what will set them both free.

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Sweet Beginnings (Five Clean, heartwarming romance series starters) by Alexa Verde 

Sale Dates: September 10th - 17th

Sale Price: 99 Cents

Countries Available: US & UK only.

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


Book 1: No Fake Dating for a Cowboy from Escape to Cowboy Crossing

A woman in jeopardy, a cowboy turned small-town cop grieving his fiancée, and a relationship too real to be fake…

Book 2: Show Me a Marriage of Convenience from Cowboy Crossing Romances

An ex-player cowboy with a little son, the boy's shy plus-size aunt, and a reluctant modern marriage of convenience only the boy is excited about…

Book 3: Season of Miracles from Rios Azules Christmas

When a nurse starting over in a new town after escaping a painful relationship meets the footballer grandson of her patient, is it a new beginning or a new heartache?

Book 4: Season of Romance from Rios Azules Romances: The Macalisters

When an affluent businessman becomes a single father to a sick nephew, he needs help from a shy small-town paramedic next door. But the beautiful neighbor harbors a painful secret.

Book 5: Color of Danger from Secrets of Rios Azules

When a small-town business owner becomes a target again, she encounters an unusual ally who has his own secret agenda. Will they find love amid danger?

99 Cents

The Fisherman and the Soprano (Unlikely Love) by Irene Onorato

Sale price: 99 Cents

Sale Dates: September 10th - 16th

Countries Available: US & UK only.

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


Maine lobsterman Shawn MacKay is enraptured by a redheaded mystery woman who sings opera on a deserted stretch of beach by the cliffs of Avondale. Every time he gets close enough to say hello, she runs away. His narrative of the beautiful songbird earns lighthearted banter from patrons of the Malarkey, a local tavern and gathering place for those in his trade. Shawn hopes that one day he will finally meet the young woman who has piqued his curiosity.

Colleen O’Malley’s lifelong desire has always been to sing opera. When two pre-teen boys tell her about a cave with great acoustics hidden at the base of the cliffs along the beach strand, she enters alone, oblivious to the dangers of rising tides that could trap and kill her.

When Shawn decides to walk home by way of the beach strand one evening, he has no idea that his decision will change his life. Forever.

99 Cents

Fall and I'll Catch You by Regina Walker

Sale Price: 99 Cents

Sale Dates: September 11th - 19th

Not Available in Kindle Unlimited.


Emeline has always been the biggest cheerleader for love in Double Creek, but despite her best efforts, she can't seem to find it herself. As she watches her friends pair off and start families, Emeline's heart aches for a love of her own. But every almost-date ends in disappointment, leaving her feeling more alone than ever. Even her best friend, Spencer, can't offer a good reason why she's still single.

Spencer has his own struggles to contend with. He spends his days running the hardware store his dad passed down to him, but at night, he relives the most awful moment of his life. Despite Emeline's unwavering support, he's reluctant to burden her with his grief. But as they work together to put on a fall festival at the local orchard, Spencer can't deny the feelings he's always had for Emeline.

As Emeline and Spencer navigate their feelings for each other, they'll discover that sometimes the person who picks you up when you fall is the one who steals your heart. But with their pasts holding them back, will they take the chance on each other? Join Emeline and Spencer for a heartwarming small-town romance that celebrates the beauty of fall, the joy of harvest, and the power of love.

99 Cents

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