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Jan 18, 2023 12:16 pm


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New Releases

Saving Danielle (The Women's Work Exchange Book 4) by Lynn Landes

Subgenre: Historical

Release date: January 1st

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


She has a promise to keep

Widowed immigrant Danielle Barrington has a dream to help women provide for themselves in a time where that is unheard of. Left with a one-year son and a promise to care for him, she sets out to create a better life for herself and others like her.

Danielle is a struggling single mother desperate to make an income. Inspiration strikes when she sells a cake after church. She discovers other women who want to care for themselves despite their circumstances. They are single mothers, divorced, widowed, and some, like Taylor, are in a bad situation.

The Lord plants a seed, and the Women’s Work Exchange is born.

Isaac Parker accompanies his mother on a tour of the Women’s Work Exchange. He meets a captivating woman with goals and ideals that mirror his own. Will she give him a chance to prove that his heart is true?

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A Legitimate Date (The Billionaires' Reunion Book 1) by Rose Fresquez

Sub genre: Billionaire

Release Date: January 10th

Price: 99 cents through January 31st

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


She’s searching everywhere for the perfect date, is it possible he’s been right in front of her all along?

Kindergarten teacher Serafina Bianchi loves her students and wants children of her own, so when her boyfriend dumps her, she dives into the world of online dating. But after a few disastrous encounters, she realizes she needs a dating coach if she plans to land a husband! And who could better train her in what men want in a woman than her lifelong friend, the suave billionaire Logan Stone?

CEO Logan Stone is decisive in the boardroom, but noncommittal in relationships. With his negligent upbringing before his adoption, he’ll never have the perfect marriage his parents have, and the upcoming Stone family reunion he’s planning in their small town constantly reminds him of what he lacks.

When Serafina asks him to coach her to be the perfect date, Logan agrees, but only if she’ll help plan the reunion. Neither expects their fake dates to stir up real feelings. But maybe he’s taught her too well—now that he’s the one falling for her.

She’s seen him dump one too many women, and he's afraid he can’t be the guy she needs. Can their friendship survive a romance?

99 cents


Love and the Pear Pie Wars (The Orchard Brides Book 4) by London James

Sale price: 99 cents

Sale dates: January 15th - January 21st

Countries included: US and UK only

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


"All is fair in love and the Pear Pie Wars."

Tori Bevan must have heard her grandmother say that phrase more times than she could count growing up on Bevan Pear Farms. Every year Grandma Bevan went for the coveted Clarksville Pear Festival Best Pear Pie award. And every year, she’d lose to Ben Holden—the owner of Holden Acres, another pear farm and her enemy for over seventy years. Tori believes this year she has the blue ribbon in the bag. Only one problem stands in her way . . . Dane Holden, Ben’s grandson, waltzing back in town, much to Tori’s disliking.

Dane Holden never had an interest in his grandparent’s pear farm. He moved away a long time ago with no plans to ever go back to his small hometown. However, after a couple of poor business deals leave the young entrepreneur jobless and homeless, he has no choice but to say yes when his grandpa asks him to come home for the festival.

Just when the sparks begin to fly between Tori and Dane, Dane’s past comes back to haunt him, throwing a curve ball in Tori’s plans for the festival and contest. Will the Holden’s claim another coveted blue ribbon, or will a new champion reign over this year’s festival?

99 cents

Come Forth as Gold by Erica Dansereau

Sub genre: Historical

Sale Price: Free

Sale dates: January 17-19th

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Come Forth As Gold by [Erica Dansereau]

1945. World War II has come to an end.

But the battle for a young boy's future is just beginning.

The small, dusty town of Goldfield, Nevada, is all that thirteen-year-old Claude Fisher has ever known. The youngest of three brothers, he spends his days running wild across the desert with his best friend and neighbor, Kitty Ralph. Despite Kitty’s tumultuous home life, they are happy and carefree. Life stretches before them like the flat plains of the desert they call home.

On the cusp of young adulthood, Claude is convinced that their friendship will someday turn into more. But one tranquil autumn evening, tragedy strikes, and suddenly Claude is left holding the pieces of a broken life.

Stripped of his best friend, Claude’s faith in the God he was raised to trust is shattered. As he navigates a future he didn’t expect, Claude wrestles to make sense of it all. Why does a sovereign God permit tragedy to happen? Is the sinner worthy of forgiveness? And will he ever find hope again after losing the girl he loved?

A sweeping tale of love, loss, and the renewal of faith in the face of tragedy.


The Billionaire's Destined Bride (The Blushing Bride Series Book 8) by Mandi Blake

Sub genre: Billionaire

Sale price: Free

Sale dates: January 18th

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


She needs to save her company. He’s running from a public breakup. To get what they both want, they’ll have to make a deal.

Sophia Hansen’s work is her life, putting her dreams of having a family on the back burner. But when her father declares his plans to step down as CEO of the family company, she must find a way to beat her scheming brother for the top spot, but it’ll come at a cost in the form of an alliance with a charming billionaire.

Cole Bradford is the most eligible billionaire bachelor in the Pacific Northwest. After a public breakup with an A-list actress, he’s tired of hiding from the media. When his business partner, Sophia, expresses her concerns about the future of her company, he comes up with a plan to save both of their jobs… a proposal.

When their marriage of convenience turns into something more, will their love prevail, or will the ones who conspire against them succeed?


Not Until Now (Hope Springs Book 8) by Valerie M. Bodden

Sale price: 99 cents

Sale dates: January 15th - 19th

Countries included: US and UK only.

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


Kayla has worked hard to regain her independence after her spinal cord injury, and she isn’t willing to give up that independence for anyone. 

On the verge of the perfect life, Cam doesn’t owe his estranged sister anything. So he doesn’t appreciate the call informing him that he needs to care for the niece he didn’t even know he had. 

But as Cam gets to know his niece—and Kayla—he starts to question what the perfect life really means. And as Kayla experiences the pull of family, she wonders whether being independent really means closing yourself off to others.

Can they both let go of what they thought they wanted and let God give them the love they truly need?

99 cents

Longing for Lily (The Bloom Sisters Book 5) by Tara Grace Ericson

Sale price: 99 cents

Sale dates: January 18th - 25th

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


A rift twelve years in the making, and a second chance to do it right.

Lily Bloom is confident, capable, and better off alone. She experienced true love once, and she thinks she’ll never find it again. Instead, she throws her energy into building her event business at Storybook Barn, helping others take the dive into happily ever after.

Josh Elliot is the life of the party, with a successful photography business and wonderful friends. But there is something missing. He never had a doubt about the woman God made for him, but he failed her twelve years ago. Forever isn’t in the cards for them, but since she started hosting weddings at Bloom’s Farm, he is tortured with the unobtainable love of his life nearly every weekend.

Lily’s wedding venue and Josh’s photography business bring their worlds colliding once again, bringing old wounds to the surface and forcing the question: is what happened twelve years ago going to keep them apart forever? Or can God rescue the pieces of the love they once shared?

99 cents

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