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Mar 11, 2023 12:16 pm


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The Only Exception (Wolf Creek Ranch Book 3) by Mandi Blake

Subgenre: Cowboy

Sale Price: 99 Cents

Sale Dates: March 10th - March 12th

Countries Available: US & UK.

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


She was supposed to figure out his secret, not fall in love.

Ridge Cooper did what he had to do to protect his sister, and everyone watched as America’s football king lost it all. Only the people closest to him know the truth, and he doesn’t care if the rest of the world hates him as long as they leave him alone. His mysterious new assistant is tearing down his walls and digging up his secrets, and for once, he wants to let someone in.

Cheyenne Keeton took a job that seemed too good to be true: find out what cowboy Ridge Cooper loves most and her ailing mom’s care bills are completely covered. When she gets the job as Ridge’s assistant at a dude ranch in Wyoming, it sounds like her investigation will be easy.

But he’s not at all like the monster she heard about. Invading the privacy he loves so much feels wrong. When Ridge trusts her and lets her in, showing her a love she’d never imagined, she can’t betray him. But backing out of her former deal puts a target on both of their backs.

Cheyenne will do anything to clear his name, but will Ridge forgive her when he finds out what she’s done?

99 Cents

A Model Bride (The Macleans Book 1) by Autumn Macarthur

Sale Price: Free

Sale Dates: March 7th - March 11th

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


One summer's day could change both their lives...


The Pot of Gold Geocaching Romances by Valerie Comer

Sale price: $2.99

Sale dates: March 8 - March 13

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


This four-in-one collection includes Topaz Treasure, Ruby Radiance, Sapphire Sentiments, and Amethyst Attraction.

If you love Christian contemporary romance series that focus on engaging characters, strong communities, and deep faith — clean, wholesome, sweet, and inspirational romances — you’ll love the Pot of Gold geocaching romances!


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