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Feb 28, 2024 12:15 pm


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New Releases

A Choice of Love (Home to Osceola Book 1) by Alina Mentink

Release date: February 28th

Available from multiple retailers.


For him, playing the role of rescuer was his duty.

For her, she would just as soon see him run.

Cowboy Matt Keath enjoys the perfect life. He has freedom, few responsibilities, and a dream job that lies just within his grasp. But when a letter arrives informing him of his brother's death, he can't escape the truth that family takes care of family. He saddles up and heads to his brother's farm outside of Osceola, ready to rescue his sister-in-law from her troubles and then escape back west as quickly as possible.

Emily Keath can't believe that her late husband's farm-hating, kid-wary brother would have the audacity to consider himself her rescuer. He's not equipped to take care of her farm, let alone her and her children. Perhaps if she can help him see his inadequacies, he'll realize that she's better off without him.

Between family arguments and barnyard trouble, the summer threatens to become one of sheer survival. Matt and Emily will need a stronger bond than necessity if they wish to work alongside one another--but anything stronger feels a little too permanent for either of their comfort.

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The Serious Date (The Fulton Ridge Estates Series Book 4) by Laura Domino

Release Date: February 26th

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


Love never quits believing. 

When Russell moves back home to Texas, he wonders if he has a chance with his best friend, Serena. They never dated when they were growing up together since she only dated sports stars, and he was a bookish nerd. He’s worried that he’s still not exciting enough for her. When he’s finally honest with Serena about his feelings for her, she doesn’t respond right away. At what point should he give up? Will their deep friendship be enough for them now that they’re older.

Serena knows what she wants and fears she can’t have it. How could she ever deserve to end up with Russell? Now that he’s back in town, she must keep her heart closed off to him until she can prove that she fits in with his billionaire family.

While Russell waits for Serena to be honest about her feelings for him, he makes a plan of his own.

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Truth is a Whisper (Wolf Creek Ranch Book 1) by Mandi Blake

Sale dates: February 27th - March 2nd

Sale price: 99 Cents

Countries available: US, UK, AU & CA.

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


They both want the truth, but are they willing to pay the price?

Ava Collins is more than ready to say goodbye to the breakneck pace of the city, and an invitation to her grandfather’s ranch is exactly what she needs. Finding out her former flame is running the ranch, on the other hand, was entirely unexpected. How can she put aside her memories of that whirlwind summer when she has to work beside the handsome cowboy every day?

Jameson Ford was grateful to be offered the new foreman job at Wolf Creek Ranch. He's eager to prove himself, but quickly distracted by the reappearance of his first love, who also happens to be his boss's granddaughter. It’s been years since they promised each other forever, and neither of them know how to pick up where they left off or if they should forget it ever happened.

Allied by their love of the ranch, Jameson and Ava have to work together, despite the lingering feelings between them. When Ava uncovers secrets about her family, she doesn’t know if she can trust anyone. Most of all, can she learn to trust her heart on her way to discovering the truth?

99 Cents

The Misadventures of Itchy Izzy by N. Y. Dunlap

Sale dates: February 27th - March 2nd

Sale price: Free

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


Life has imploded for Isabelle Chavalier, MBA, knocking the silver spoon from her mouth.

If you enjoy Christian Romance stories that pull at your heartstrings, making you laugh, shed a tear, and root for the characters, this is the story for you.


Write Me Home (Home in You Book 1) by Crystal Walton

Sale dates: February 28th - March 1st

Sale price: Free

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


Two interwoven lives. Two choices of forgiveness. One heartfelt romance.

Returning to his hometown in the Catskills is the last thing firefighter Ethan DeLuca’s ready for. He’d rather leave memories where they belong—buried under ashes. But if he doesn’t step up to take care of Nonna, who will? Working at the camp down the road seems like the perfect solution. Until his feisty redheaded boss ends up being one fire he has no idea how to put out.

Cassidy McAdams is on a mission. Get the camp Grandpa left her ready to sell, turn enough profit to bail Mom’s business out of foreclosure, and hightail it back to her life in New York City. With unexpected complications mounting, she can’t afford any distractions. Especially a ridiculously charming one who’s eager to rescue her at every turn.

It’d be easier on them both to hide behind professional boundaries. But when unexplained attacks on the camp ignite a connection between them they can’t ignore, running from the secrets of their pasts is no longer an option.


Direct Sales

Kari Trumbo has the Great River Romance series available in an E-Book Bundle.

Whole Latte Love Book 1, Sincerely Yours Book 2, All for You Book 3, Finally Together Book 4 are all included in this bundle.


All four books can be yours for only $14.99. Download your copies and start reading today!

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