Lori Melton: Your team needs to have more fun!!

Invincible Teams, Ep53 Lori Melton is a banker in central Arkansas. While she is passionate about a lot of things, one of her biggest passions is fun. Ryan and Lori talk about what it looks like to create a fun team environment and why that is so nec...

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May 11, 2021
Challenges of leading in the digital age

Welcome to the first edition of "Tool Of The Week," powered by our partners at GiANT Worldwide. Each Monday, we'll be sending you one amazing tool that you can begin to implement with your team immediately! These tools are 100% free for you to access...

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May 10, 2021
We’re giving away some Amazon $$$!

In this edition:The Support-Challenge MatrixComing soon: New Coaching GroupsKevin DeShazo: Sports Lessons For Your BusinessDeveloping Soft-SkillsGrow Your ToolboxTeam AssessmentWin A $20 Amazon Gift Card!+++++++++++++The Support-Challenge Matrix...

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May 07, 2021
Update your email preferences!

First, let me say thank you for being an Evrgrn email subscriber. It means a ton to us! That said, we don't ever want you to feel like you are being spammed. To help us make sure we are sending you stuff that you care about, please take 20 seconds to...

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May 05, 2021
Toolkit: The Support-Challenge Matrix

Invincible Teams, Ep52:Introducing: our toolkit episodes! In this first toolkit conversation, Alexis and Ryan unpack "The Support-Challenge Matrix" and talk about how it can impact the culture of your team. See the tool for yourself here, or check ou...

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May 04, 2021
Eric Coryell: Create & Lead Accountable Teams

Invincible Teams, Ep50: Welcome back to the Invincible Teams podcast. Today on the podcast, we are talking about accountability. On most teams, accountability works in one of two ways: either the leader is a micromanager who carries the weight of the...

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Apr 20, 2021