Plan B: there's always another option

Aug 09, 2022 6:00 am


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I'm beyond excited to reveal the cover of my upcoming release. Plan B: Secret Donor Baby is set in Melbourne, Australia, and is about to be released by Evernight Publishing. It's a highly topical story, one that I know will resonate with many readers. Stay tuned for further details.

Plan B: Secret Donor Baby


Have you implemented your plan B?

I'd love to hear your stories.

Stay tuned for further details and the release date.


New Cover for Wild Destiny

Not a new release, but an updated release. The cover of Wild Destiny, book 1 in the Harrow Series, has had a face lift. Still the same story, and still the same bewitching character.


Dive into an intriguing read here.


Romance Writers of Australia

Tomorrow, I'm jetting off to WA, attending the 2022 annual conference for RWA. Not surprisingly, the conferences for 2020 was cancelled, and closed borders meant I couldn't attend in 2021. This year will make up for it all. I'm looking forward to catching up with all my author friends.


Can't wait.


ARC Readers

Would you like to join my team of ARC readers? ARC readers receive an advance reader copy of a book in return for an honest review on book retailers and review sites. Usually, this copy is provided before the release date of a new title. Readers can also notify an author if they pick up any glitches or anomalies that have escaped editing and typesetting review.

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