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Aug 29, 2022 6:20 am


Between the Pages


My latest title, published by Evernight Publishing, is now available through all major retailers. Plan B follows Pyper's journey as she decides that not having met the man of her dreams, she is going to have a child on her own. Her friend, Jess, is surprised when Pyper discloses her plans.

“Give it time. You haven’t met the right person.” Jess tilted her head to one side, wearing an interrogative look. “What have you done about that?” She raised an eyebrow, giving emphasis to her tone.

Pyper rolled her eyes. “I’ve swiped left, right, up, and down. I’ve had coffee dates, dinner dates, and blind dates. I’ve kissed too many toads. I woke up the next morning and they were still toads.” She threw her arms out wide, nearly sending the sugar bowl flying. “What else am I supposed to do?”

“We-e-ll…” Jess frowned in contemplation. “You could join a sailing club or hiking group or something like that.”

Pyper snorted into her coffee. “Can you honestly see me doing either of those things? Anyway, those groups are all full of single women hoping to meet an eligible man.”

She scanned the café. “Tell me honestly, Jess; look around you. Of all the men in this room, do any look remotely available? They’re all either wearing wedding rings or rainbow pins. There aren’t any suitable men amongst them.”

Sound like a familiar story? If you want to know how Pyper's solo mother journey unfolded, you can find the book with all major online retailers, or from the Evernight website.

Plan B: Secret Donor Baby


Rowena Wylde is an alter ego. Have you implemented your plan B?

I'd love to hear your stories.

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New Cover for Wild Tempest

Wild Tempest has also had a make-over, and I love the new cover. No changes to the story though. Elodie Fielding, living in the village of Harrow, encounters unusual challenges when she meets the enigmatic Angus Galbraith. There are those who will do all they can to scare her off the growing attraction she has to the local winemaker. Events in the town are not what they appear on the surface.


When love is in front of you, run toward it like the wind is at your back every step of the way. Read the story here.


Solar Panels

For those who are following my house renovation and extension, I am loving my new solar panels. I have 24 panels, and from the app that monitors them, I can see that they jump into action at 6:45 am. That's not bad given we're still in winter where I live. Can't wait for my next power bill. Hope that it's negligible.


This a view of some of the panels, taken from a neighbouring property.


ARC Readers

Would you like to join my team of ARC readers? ARC readers receive an advance reader copy of a book in return for an honest review on book retailers and review sites. Usually, this copy is provided before the release date of a new title. Readers can also notify an author if they pick up any glitches or anomalies that have escaped editing and typesetting review.

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