Two books to cozy up to this winter. ☕️📚❄️

Hello, lovelies!Yes! You'll get to cozy up to TWO new books this winter!Wheel of Crowns gets its final jewel of the series, Jo's book, The Doomsayer Queen.Tate's book will wind up the Fated Mates of New Orleans series with A Vampire's Choice.Keep you...

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Nov 29, 2022
A best-kept secret? The Unrivaled series. 😍

Hello, lovelies!The Unrivaled series seems to be one of my best-kept secrets. It's a little frustrating that my favorite characters aren't quite getting their due. (Oh my, my, my...The Puppeteer. I 😍 him!)House of Deception and House of Agony are lik...

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Nov 15, 2022
Free book today! 📚👀

Hello, lovelies!Guess what? Blessed is available for FREE today. Tell your friends.Get it FreeThanks for your amazing support!xoxo,Brandi__________________________Join Brandi's Book MavensBrandi's Facebook PageBrandi Elledge on Amazon

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Nov 09, 2022