Does Trail And Error Work? πŸ‘orπŸ‘Ž

How much do we learn simply by doing the things we’re trying to get good at? Scott Young seeks to answer this question here. It's a great deep dive on deliberate practice and learning transfer!If you like receiving simple emails like these, please re...

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Dec 16, 2021
Ask This 3 Times ❓❓❓

Imagine...Complaints are circling around your organization. The talk is, managers haven't been attentive towards their direct reports. People are angry and fed up. Some have even left for greener pastures.So leadership has appointed your team the tas...

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Nov 24, 2021
You've been exposed 😲

Friday thoughts..., I had a terrible habit of not doing the dishes. My wife pointed this out to me all the time. Yet, my habits didn't change. She could give me a 10-point lecture on the benefits of keeping a clean kitchen and I would go right back t...

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Nov 16, 2021
Can you explain this again? πŸ€”πŸ’‘

Friday thoughts...I have a simple question for you. How many times do you need to explain a concept before someone "gets" it? Once?Twice?THREE TIMES?Replay back to this email with your answer. Now think back to when you learned a valuable lesson or s...

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Nov 05, 2021
the box...πŸ‘†πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‡πŸ‘ˆ

Friday thoughts...Hey , a few years ago I put together a framework. A mental model to help me think about my purpose in L&D. I call it, "The Box".The box is our mindset, limited by four walls. Your job? Expand this box. Grow it up, right, down, a...

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Oct 22, 2021
I swear I passed this rock before 🀨

Personalized learning is the future of L&D.I often hear this from experts. While I agree that personalized learning is important, I think it misses the point. Performance.And if performance and enabling value creation are the point of L&D, wi...

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Oct 13, 2021
What Drives Employee Experience?

Hi ,Are you happy at your current workplace? Do you feel fulfilled at the end of the day?Or do you just feel jaded and burnt out?The reason I ask is that I recently spoke at an event run by Connected Leader on employee wellbeing and fulfillment. This...

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Oct 06, 2021
Stop Content Dumping on Your Learners. Do This Instead.

Hey ,How do we help humans learn and perform better at work? It's a simple question with complicated answers. Let's keep it simple. Here is a framework that I created a few years ago (inspired by Harold Jarche, Nick Shackleton-Jones, Jane Hart, and t...

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Sep 24, 2021