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Yes, there are stupid questions - How many times have you asked during your workshop, "Does anyone have any questions?" I'm guessing no one raises their hand. Ozan Varol shares how to craft smarter questions. One that gets those hands up!

👂🏻 An Anatomy of the Modern Learning Professional - Nick Shackleton-Jones lays out his vision for modern learning. "In real life, if I want to know something I Google it, and if I want to know how to do something I YouTube it. In organizations I still need to ask the person standing next to me what to do, all the while subjected to a barrage of pointless 'educational' content, dumped from a great height, using the latest technology"

🧠 How To Create Amazing Knowledge Base Articles - This article is geared towards product education, but the principles still apply to us. Learners have questions that need to be answered. Instead of burying the answers in a course, why not provide a searchable knowledge base? Learn how.

💻 123 Apps - Sometimes, you just need a quick audio/video trim or edit. Edit, convert and create with 123 Apps. One of the simplest sites for editing tasks.

🥅 Why Bigger Goals Can Be Easier to Achieve - Steve Pavlina extracts lessons from fiction writing and applies them to life. Learn how to break through your old associations and write a new story for yourself. Skip the boring numbers and get to the juicy parts of your journey!

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