🀝 The 7 Stages of 'Communities of Practice'

May 12, 2023 12:54 pm


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🀝 The Seven Stages of Communities of Practice: Stage One – Article

Uncover the power of 'Communities of Practice' in fostering innovation. Learn how this concept could be your secret weapon against knowledge silos. Read the other stages here.

πŸ“Œ Sticky Notes 3.5 – Chrome Extension

I recently started using this Chrome extension for taking quick notes and really like it. It's worth checking out if you need quick access to jot down your thought while browsing.

⏺️ Guidde – Chrome Extension

Create video documentation 11x faster using AI.

🏠 What Makes a Successful Place? – Article

Unlock the power of public spaces with this fascinating article by Project for Public Spaces. Learn how to create thriving, inclusive communities that inspire social interaction and improve quality of life. Even though this isn't geared toward L&D professionals, I still think it's a valuable read for our profession.

🧠 Reducing Information Overload in Your Organization – Article

HBR's latest deep-dive unravels the secret to taming the "information overload" beast. Learn to streamline communication, increase productivity, and foster a more balanced work environment. Time to empower your team with the right info, at the right time!

🦾 The AI Education Revolution is Coming - or is it? – Video

The discussion features Dr. Philip Hardman, who believes that AI has the potential to disrupt education, break down the traditional "sage on the stage" model, and introduce more problem-based, active learning approaches.

πŸƒ Change Maker Cards – Collection

Here is a cool collection of brainstorming, workshops, and activities for you and your team.

πŸ“’ Master ChatGPT for Course Creation with the Art of Prompting – Event

(Sponsor Link) - If you're curious about ChatGPT and how to make the most of it, I've found the perfect event for you. Get practical tips on crafting effective prompts to get the AI-generated responses you need. Ready to upgrade your skills and explore a new world of possibilities?

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