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May 05, 2022 1:14 pm


Here are the best L&D resources I found for the week of May 5th. I hope these brighten your day, !

Take Control of Your Desk," And Other Career Tips for ICs, Managers & Founders - Growth is multi-player. It is important to take responsibility for our development and career journey, however other factors, such as picking the right employer and boss, are equally important. First Round Review provides guidance for ICs, managers, and companies who care about making the biggest impact.

🦥 The Lazy Way To An Awesome Life - Here's an interesting take on human psychology. If we want to be better, we need to focus on our surroundings and understand that it has an impact on our behavior.

🧠 Productive Learning Strategies - Tine Hoof and others list eight productive learning strategies that you should keep in your training and facilitation toolbox.

🤙 The Coaching Habit - Shared as a recommendation by David McLean, this book is on my radar. With over 7,000 positive reviews, it must be good, right? If you've read this already, let me know.

👔 Switchboard - "Bring the tools you already use into a cloud coworking space. No need to share your screen or toggle between tabs."

🎛️Simple Resume Tips - Two simple tips to turn your resume from "blah" to 🤩

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🎲 Interacty - This is so cool! Build interactive trivia and personality quizzes, ranking games, puzzles, timelines, memory games, and so much more with this tool. This opens up a lot of opportunities to engage your learners in creative ways. AppSumo is offering a LIFETIME deal for only one payment of $59. This is normally $59 each month. This is a limited offer so check it out.

📣 Rezi Resume Writer - AppSumo is offering a lifetime deal to Rezi, an A.I. resume writer. This is a great investment if you're looking for a new L&D job or want to keep your resume current. It's a lifetime deal, so you only pay once. I bought it myself! Plus, with this deal, you get access to 300+ resume and cover letter examples.


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