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Jun 09, 2023 1:03 pm


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I searched the web for unique resources to help you succeed in learning and development. Here's what I discovered.

Can you reply and let me know which one was your favorite? πŸ™

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πŸ€– Learning Tech Trends Recording – Article

/ RedThread Research

Dive into the future with the latest report on 2023 Learning Tech Trends! Get insights on emerging technologies shaping L&D, from AI to VR. Uncover the secrets behind the world's top companies' L&D strategies, and unlock powerful tools to supercharge your own. PDF presentation here.

πŸŒ€ Using Spiral Dynamics to Understand Development – Article

/ Jason Howlett

Step into the spiral of human consciousness with JT Howlett's piece on Spiral Dynamics! Decode the patterns of societal evolution and personal growth, and enhance your understanding of human development.


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πŸ’ͺ Cultivating a Culture of Excellence – Article

/ Mike Fisher & Tyler Folkman

If you're eager to spark a culture of excellence in your organization, you can't miss this gem. It's chock-full of strategies to encourage peak performance and promote a growth mindset - all in a relatable, down-to-earth style. You'll walk away with actionable tips to boost your team's morale and productivity.

πŸ’œ The Ultimate Guide To 360 Degree Feedback β€“ PDF

/ MTD Training

I just came across this helpful 360 degree feedback report from MTD Training. It's straightforward and full of practical guidance on implementing feedback for personal and team development. If you're keen on fostering a transparent and supportive work environment, this one's a must-read. Plus, it's laid out in a super digestible way.

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Research Review: Evidence-Based Practices for 2023 – PDF

/ The Learning Guild

Check out this report by the Learning Guild. It's packed with research-backed practices for 2023 that can truly take your learning strategies to the next level. Whether you're an expert or just getting started, there's something here for you. This isn't just another trend listβ€”it's about solid, evidence-based approaches that work.

🀝 Unleashing Learning Culture – LinkedIn

/ Anamaria Dorgo

If you've ever wondered about "learning culture" in an organization, this post will resonate with you. It breaks down what a learning culture means and shares four shifts L&D can make to foster it. From transforming who enables learning, to how, when, and what we learn - it's a roadmap from formal, hierarchical structures to fluid, collaborative environments. It's about balance and freedom, building on a foundation of psychological safety and growth.

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avatar Susan Klein
These are nice, thank you for recommendation! My personal favorites are Bordio and Forest, which make me stay focused while studying. Bordio is an awesome time-management app, perfectly designed for all busy people, and Forest is a focus app for those who want to be productive and plant a tree every time they do not touch their phone for a specific period of time.