I'm Inspired! Are You?💡

Jan 05, 2022 2:29 pm


Hey , I hope you had a great New Year's celebration. It's 2022 so let's start off right with five inspirational Learning and Development resources. Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite.

  1. David Perell lays out why inspiration is the keystone of learning. I've been saying this for a while but this article is too good not to share."If there’s anything I’ve learned by writing on the Internet, it’s that small tweaks in the way an idea is packaged can have an exponential impact on how much it resonates."
  2. I feel like I've had my head in the sand because I just realized that PowerPoint has this really cool tool for practicing your presentation called Presenter Coach. It records and analyzes your pace, filler words, and sensitive phrases. If you didn't know about this tool too, please reply back so I don't feel so embarrassed.
  3. Craig Weiss shares his top learning systems to watch in 2022. I love Craig because he doesn't hold back any punches. While I'm not the biggest fan of traditional LMS technology, I still keep up-to-date with his research on disruptors and trends.
  4. The rise of community-curated knowledge networks. This is one of those bookmarked links that I forgot about a few years ago. I stumbled upon it again using Workona and man, I'm happy I did.
  5. Beyond Smart by Paul Graham. Is having intelligence the most important indicator of achievement and new discovery? Paul doesn't think so. And here's why.

Which link is your favorite? Let me know by replying to this email. Your feedback is always helpful!


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