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Nov 03, 2022 12:31 pm


Hey , I missed sending an email last week.

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To make it up to you, I added some more resources to this week's list.

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πŸ‘€ New Ways of Working Playbook - Database

Here is an excellent database that lists resources around "the new way of working." All things from decision-making, feedback, managing conflict, and more are included.

🧠 Variability, Not Repetition, is the Key to Mastery - Podcast

Variability plays an essential and often neglected role in mastering complex skills. Research shows that practicing in varied contexts with varied methods and performing with varied task constraints results in more robust learning than simple repetition. Here is some key research supporting the role of variability in learning and how you can apply this to your career and studies.

πŸ“ˆ The Minimal Viable Content Framework - Article

Here is a simple method proven to improve learner outcomes, reduce costs & save time by reframing how you think about content.

πŸ«±β€πŸ«² Vowel - Tech Tool

Vowel is the tool for remote teams to host, capture, search, and share video meetings β€” no add-ons required.

πŸ€” 5 Lessons that Changed the Way I Design Courses - Article

Shifting from 80-10-10 β†’ 10-80-10 is an example of shifting focus from passive content to hands-on activities for the learner. With this approach, they are more engaged and can progress toward mastering the topic. This is called the Minimum Viable Content Framework (MVC).

🎨 What it Takes to Drive Effective Design for Complex Skills in the Workplace - Article

When we talk about 'upskilling' and/or reskilling, we often forget or don't think about what it means to design learning experiences or interventions for them that are effective, efficient, and enjoyable. This article explains how to approach your learning experiences in a way that keeps your learner at the center.

πŸ†™ The Five Levels of Remote Work β€” and why you’re probably at Level 2 - Article

Many newly-remote workers seem to conflate simply downloading Zoom, Slack, and having access to email with having this remote working thing sorted out. But having a ball and a ring does not make you an NBA player. Read on.

πŸš€ Your Ultimate Onboarding Toolkit - Database

I'm not sure if I have shared this already. Either way, check it out!

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