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Feb 02, 2022 2:07 pm


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Here's your weekly roundup of learning and development resources. Take a scroll and let me know if any links particularly jump out for you. I hope you enjoy them all, but we all have our favorites. What's yours?

đŸ’Ē The power of social learning - Harold Jarche talks about the dark side of social media and the importance of communities of practice. Which, in Harold's words, are "safe places between highly focused work and potentially chaotic social networking".

🕹ī¸ Tango - Create step-by-step guides and documentation with screenshots in seconds. This Chrome extension should be in everyone's toolbox, IMO.

😷 Professional Learning in a Post Pandemic World - What does the future of learning hold? Modern Learners breaks this down into three crucial components. (content, community, and events). And why all three components need to be visible for learning to truly thrive. It's a good read.

🧠 Dr. David Weiss's Overview of Mentoring Framework - This nifty graphic has a TON of information packed into it. If you want to learn why mentoring matters and how to do it right, check it out.

🤝 How User Experience Designers and Instructional Designers Should Work Together - It's time to incorporate both user experience design (UXD) and learning experience design (LXD) together. Extension Engine lays out its vision for a better way forward. One where both teams ebb and flow together to create better outcomes for our learners.

One last question...emojis, Yay or nay? Too much? Let me know by replying 😜

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  • SessionLab: Seamlessly plan and organize your workshops and collaborate with other trainers with SessionLab. It's workshop planning made easy.
  • Camtasia: One of the industry-standard video editing software, Camtasia makes it simple to record and create professional-looking videos on Windows and Mac.

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