Is L&D delivering impact or creating chaos? πŸ’€

Apr 07, 2023 1:45 pm


I searched the web for unique resources to help you succeed in learning and development. Here's what I found this week.

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πŸ‘΄ The Learning Content Strategy Maturity Model - Article/Video

Here is a simple way for your L&D team to understand if your content is delivering impact or creating chaos.

🀫 The Secret to Giving Great Feedback – Video

Feedback is vital for any organization focused on learning agility and innovation. But often, feedback is given and received incorrectly. Learn the secret to giving great feedback in the short video.

πŸ’ͺ Performance Mapping Made Practical – Article

In many companies, managers use their own subjective measures to evaluate their team's performance, leading to a talent distribution that makes no sense. This article covers how to implement a standardized process to ensure that everyone is held to the same high standards when identifying top talent.

πŸ“ˆ Stop Going Through the Motions and Start Delivering Learning Impact – Article

Nick Shackleton-Jones challenges the current approach to learning and provides tips for delivering impactful learning experiences in this podcast episode.

🧠 Mike Taylor & Lavinia MehedinΘ›u ask how L&D can leverage marketing principles (click both names) – LinkedIn Discussion

Have you ever wondered how L&D can take what marketing does so well and use it for our own purposes? Mike and Lavinia strike up two conversations on this topic.

🧭 Career Path Framework for Managers: The 5 Most Important Considerations – Article

It can be a daunting task to create a comprehensive framework that sets clear expectations for growth and career advancement within your organization. This article discusses the five most important considerations to keep in mind when creating a career path framework for managers.

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