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May 26, 2023 1:19 pm


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πŸ’€ Death of the LMS – PDF Guide

Say goodbye to the outdated LMS and hello to the future of learning! This guide reveals the transformative power of a skills-first approach. Discover the secret to 5x higher engagement, seamless integration with daily apps, and a solution to the current skills shortage. Uncover the pain points preventing learning from sticking and leap into a new era of L&D.

🧰 Learning Design Frameworks, Models, and Toolkits – Database

This is an awesome collection of resources on different learning frameworks. Check it out!

πŸ§‘ Workflow Learning Has a Mistaken Identity – Article

Are you confused about workflow learning? You're not alone, and it's costing organizations big time! This insightful article demystifies the concept, highlighting the difference between mere access to learning in the workflow and authentic workflow learning. Discover how to reduce training costs, increase efficiency, and boost productivity by integrating learning into the work process. Don't let misconceptions hold you back.

πŸ“’ Sponsored πŸ”— Maximize your Course Success Using ChatGPT – eBook

Take your courses to the next level with LearnWorld's ChatGPT eBook!

🎯 The Power of Context: Why Content Alone Isn’t Enough – Article

Content is king, but without context, it's just noise. This enlightening article explores why context is missing in your L&D strategy. Learn how to avoid content overload, misinformation, and confirmation bias by integrating context into your learning materials. Understand the role of AI in providing context and how to use it effectively. Don't let your content fall flat. Dive in and discover how to make your content truly impactful today!

🧲 The Ultimate Guide to Curation for L&D – Article

Ever wondered how to curate effective learning pathways? This comprehensive guide is your answer! Learn how to prioritize business needs, curate the right content, and create engaging learning pathways. Discover how to reduce time to proficiency, improve employee retention, and take control of your learning journey. Don't let content chaos hold you back. Dive in and become the L&D curator your organization needs today!

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