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Mar 30, 2022 2:12 pm


Check out the links below if you want to stay in the L&D loop this week. In this issue, I share everything from facilitation techniques to productivity tools.

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🕶️ The Lurkers - Not everyone will contribute. Yet we try our hardest to create learning experiences where everyone does. But is that always necessary? Sometimes it's better to focus on those who truly show up. Because they are the ones that drive change for others.

👩‍🦱 Facilipedia - Discover a variety of facilitation techniques, workshop exercises, and other resources to help you empower teamwork and collaboration. If you're looking for ideas to improve your facilitation skills, this is a wonderful resource.

🗲 Summari - Summarize articles from magazines, newsletters, or blogs in lightning speed. Install this Chrome extension, enter the URL, and get a bulleted list of the highlights.

👍 Tips that Boost Opt-In Rates by More 50 Percent - What does opt-in conversion have to do with learning and development? A lot. Jason Resnick shares nine steps that helped him convert more visitors to subscribers. Put these strategies to use on your next webinar or course registration page.

📈 Training Maximizers: A Simple Conceptual Model - This video has been in my collection since 2014. Here is what Will Thalheimer believes are the most important training maximizes. He always backs up his frameworks with research, which is why I love his content.

Checker Plus for Google Calendar - Recently, I reinstalled this Chrome extension for two reasons. Firstly, I kept opening Google Calendar to remind myself of upcoming meetings. In addition, I was consistently late for meetings. With this simple tool, I can view my daily agenda without having to click.

Sponsor & Affiliate Disclosure:

The links below are affiliate links. This means, at no additional cost to you, we earn money if you click the link and make a purchase. We only promote the products and services that we would use ourselves. By doing so, we fund our efforts. Many thanks!

🤖 Meetgeek.ai - Automatically record, transcribe and highlight your meetings and training with MeetGeek. AppSumo is offering a lifetime deal for $59.

📅 TidyCal - Scheduling should be as simple as possible. Sync your calendar and never double book again. This is like Calendly, but you can get a lifetime deal for $29 on AppSumo.

🔊 Krisp.ai - Cut out distracting background noise and echo during your online meetings and training with the power of AI. I started using this app a few months ago and have seen a huge difference.

🥼 SessionLab: Seamlessly plan and organize your workshops with SessionLab. It's workshop planning made easy.

👨‍💻 Camtasia: One of the industry-standard video editing software, Camtasia makes it simple to record and create professional-looking videos on Windows and Mac.


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