What Michelin-Star Chefs Can Teach Us 🧑‍🍳

Mar 16, 2022 1:01 pm


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  1. The Productivity Secret of Michelin-Star Chefs | Work Clean by Dan Charnas - Michelin-Star Chefs can teach us more than how to properly cook a steak (reverse sear every time). Tiago Forte breaks down the book, Work Clean, and explains how to "treat your own work with the level of care, consistency, and output of a world-class chef."
  2. Harry's Inc. How to Hybrid Manual - I've never seen someone upload an 81-page PDF to LinkedIn before, but here we are. Your email address isn't even required. Get this guide now to learn how to facilitate a productive hybrid work environment.
  3. Scrintal - If Obsidian and Miro had a baby! (taken from their website). Scrintal combines mind mapping with bidirectional note-taking. It is in beta, so sign up if you want exclusive access.
  4. Magic Eraser - The tool isn't complicated, but sometimes simple is better. Simply upload an image and mark the parts you want to remove. AI will take care of the rest.
  5. In-the-Flow-of-Work Job Aid in an Analog Environment - I am a huge fan of job aids. Is there a need for a course when a simple reminder will do? Of course, job aids can take many forms. Check out what Brian has to say on the matter.

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