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Nov 17, 2022 2:21 pm


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I searched the web for notable resources to help you succeed in learning and development. Here's what I found this week.

There are more here than my usual list, but there are so many great ones I had to share them all! 💪

Can you reply and let me know which one was your favorite?

Click These Links 👀

💜 The Mochary Method Curriculum Open-Source Google Doc

Matt Mochary, a past CEO of Naval and founder of companies such as OpenAI, Notion, Coinbase, Robinhood, Reddit, and Opendoor, just open-sourced his entire curriculum of templates, guides, and wisdom.

📖 Open Source Employee Handbooks/Internal Wikis Notion Databases

OMG. This is so cool! These are a gold mine of inspiration. Each company has open-accessed its employee handbooks.

Click each handbook below 👇

🧠 How Sound Works & How Code Works Interactive Articles

The two examples above demonstrate how interactive and fun learning can be.

📗 The L&D Playbook PDF

This L&D playbook transforms evidence from high-performing learning teams into insightful and actionable 'plays' for L&D leaders.

🤝 Collaborate Better Handbook eBook

This playbook shares the foundations crucial to making your team and you more collaborative.

🫵 Principles You From Ray Dalio Self-Assessment Tool

Discover your tendencies, talents, and opportunities for growth based on your archetypes. Then, see what you can accomplish with others!

💪🏽 Artist for Good Open-Source Courses

These courses focus on future skills, management, sales, wellness, customer-facing skills, and much more! Get these action-oriented lessons sent directly to your cell phone for free!

😵‍💫 Change Management Toolkit PDF

UC Berkeley has reviewed and curated these proven tools and techniques into a toolkit for anyone leading a change initiative.

Image Of The Week 😍


Image Credit: Created by Grace LaConte/published on LaConte Consulting

I hope you have a great week, ! 🥳

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