🤐 I have five secrets.

Mar 10, 2022 2:18 pm


Hey , now that you've opened this email, these aren't exactly secret anymore, but here is this week's curated roundup of training, education, and learning resources.

Can you let me know which one you liked the most after browsing through?

...and here they are...

🤫 1Password - Using this tool will save you time and headaches. Have you ever set a password only to forget what it was twenty minutes later? Keep all your passwords in one place. Just install this Chrome extension and you're ready to go.

🪄The unreasonable magic of coming up with a game plan by Jakob Greenfeld - Things should be done for a reason. Although this advice is simple enough, most of us still rely on intuition alone. Instead, figure out how to set a game plan that makes you work on only the things that move the needle.

🧭 Know Your Team’s Guide to Rethinking Performance Reviews - No matter how you feel about performance reviews, they are a powerful tool. Unfortunately, too many people do them incorrectly. See what Know Your Team has to say about the topic.

"If you’re wishing your own performance review process was better, you’re not alone. Researcher Josh Bersin estimates that about 70% of multinational companies are moving away from traditional performance review processes.

The question is: What is better?"

Todoist - There are a few reasons why this is my favorite to-do list. For starters, it has a slick Chrome extension. It is a huge win for me to be able to add a task or check on my priorities no matter where I am. Secondly, it integrates with my calendar. Thirdly, it is extremely responsive. Although minimal, it does the job very well.

🆚 What do the clients of HR value vs. What has the biggest impact on organization performance?Does it surprise you that there's a gap between what HR values and what actually moves the needle? Discover what really matters with McLean & Company's survey.

Which one stands out to you? Let me know by clicking the reply button.


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