Will AI Fix Work? 🤖 🤔

Jun 23, 2023 1:13 pm


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🦾 Will AI Fix Work? - Article

Check out this piece from Microsoft's Worklab! It digs into how AI might be the game-changer we need in our work lives. It discusses the growing need for AI to support our modern, complex workflows. Think less about the "rise of the robots" scare and more about how AI can lighten our workload and improve collaboration. Super thought-provoking, and it could give you a new perspective on our remote/hybrid work world.

🐝 Actionable L&D Marketing Campaigns That Work - Playbook

Here's a nifty guide about boosting your learning products' engagement using marketing strategies. It's geared for L&D folks and goes from basics to pro-level, with real-world insights and step-by-step instructions on building campaigns that hit the spot. Best part? It's free (or pay what you want)

🍳 Creating an Effective Scenario From Scratch - Video

Here's a great video by Clark Aldrich about creating short sims and interactive scenarios optimized for delivering content efficiently.

🔍 Confessions of a Recovering Micromanager - Video

Chieh Huang, shares some personal experiences and insights on how micromanagement can hinder innovation and happiness at work. It's a funny and insightful video that offers a cure for micromanagement madness. If you've ever felt exhausted by someone constantly looking over your shoulder, this video will resonate with you.


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🤝 6 Keys to High-Impact Teamwork - Guide & Template

This is a cool guide on fostering efficient collaboration and communication in today's virtual and hybrid environments.

👂 Active Listening: Tips and Hints - PDF

Listening is more than just hearing - it's about understanding and interpreting. The doc gives practical tips on improving your active listening skills, like removing distractions, maintaining eye contact, and asking effective questions. It even has a self-assessment tool! It's a must-read if you want to enhance your communication skills.

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