The problem with avoiding problems 💀

Mar 24, 2022 1:01 pm


Hey , here's this week's collection of learning and development resources. I'm a day late sending this, but I think you'll forgive me. Or not. You tell me.

☠️ Problems Are Best Addressed Before They Arise - Looking back, my biggest moments of anxiety were caused by avoiding my problems. I waited for the problem to go away until it snowballed into something much more serious. Learn how Frank Sonnenberg tackles problems before they become too big.

🗣️ New ways to record conversations by Wonder Tools - Here's what Jeremy Caplan recommends for streamlining interviews and other remote conversations. Take a look if you want better tools to record your important conversations.

🧠 How to become a brain myth buster - Neuromyths begin as innocent misconceptions and then become accepted industry truths. With this list of resources on all things neuroscience, you can learn how to fight brain fiction.

✍🏽 Why writers need deliberate practice - More writing does not always lead to better writing. To identify our weaknesses, certain tools and systems are needed. This article lists three key areas worth addressing through deliberate practice. If you're serious about improving your writing, read on.

🧰 The Make It Toolkit - This toolkit contains over 15 design strategies and 200+ techniques on behavior science and game thinking. Feel free to use it as inspiration or guidance whenever you need it.

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👋 PopStage - Say hello to a brand-new platform built specifically for you, facilitators - PopStage closes the gap between online and in-person by adding space and interactivity to your online trainings, workshops, boot camps, and webinars. Book a demo today!

🤖 - Automatically record, transcribe and highlight your meetings and training with MeetGeek. AppSumo is offering a lifetime deal for $59.

📅 TidyCal - Scheduling should be as simple as possible. Sync your calendar and never double book again. This is like Calendly, but you can get a lifetime deal for $29 on AppSumo.


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