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Nov 16, 2021 7:01 pm


Friday thoughts...

, I had a terrible habit of not doing the dishes. My wife pointed this out to me all the time. Yet, my habits didn't change. She could give me a 10-point lecture on the benefits of keeping a clean kitchen and I would go right back to leaving the remnants of Taco Tuesday untouched.

So one night she took me aside and told me how she feels when our house is clean. How keeping things tidy makes her feel happy and less anxious. Now through this conversation, I felt a change of heart. I began to understand the significance of clean dishes. I had a small revelation.

I'm not perfect. I still leave dirty dishes. But I'm better at cleaning up after myself because I now understand how it affects others around me.

This made me think...

In our profession, we often think that in order to drive performance we need to train and equip people with knowledge.

We give.

They receive.

But what if instead of thinking solely in terms of training, we think in terms of revelation?

A revelation is the unveiling of something. It's making something visible that was once not. If your learners need a perspective shift, training might not cut it. But if we carefully unveil a truth...something with emotional power and significance, then...


So instead of simply sharing information, how can you help your learners extract meaning from their experiences? How can you help them FEEL the significance of what you are trying to convey? Once that's accomplished, train away.

Something to think about.



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