I want to marry these L&D tools 😍

May 25, 2022 2:52 pm


Hey ,

I love scouring the internet for new tools. But there are so many out there.

How do you know which ones are right for you?

In other words, how do you know which tools are worth the cost and will actually help you perform better?

It's a fair question. Based on my research and personal experience, here's a list of my top tool love interests.

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Claap - This is a newer tool I'm using. Think Loom, but better. With Claap you can record your screen and get feedback from others. You can annotate, run polls, and communicate cross-functionally. In the end, this means fewer meetings and more doing. A win-win for everyone.

Notion - Organize and store all your thoughts, lists, links, images, and just about everything else. This tool has been around for a while, but surprisingly not many people know about it. It's seriously powerful. And it's free.

TidyCal - Scheduling should be as simple as possible. Sync your calendar and never double book again. This is like Calendly, but you can get a lifetime deal for $29 on AppSumo.

Wordtune - I started using this tool to improve my writing and haven't looked back. Wordtune is a Chrome extension that rewrites your content so it’s clear, concise, and impactful.

Krisp - I'm on a lot of internal and external meetings throughout the week, And I know how awkward it is when someone on the other end can't hear you clearly. Krisp removes all your background noise so people only hear your voice. This tool truly works. I love it and recommend it to almost everyone.

1Password - Using this tool will save you time and headaches. Have you ever set a password only to forget what it was twenty minutes later? Keep all your passwords in one place. Just install this Chrome extension and you're ready to go.

MeetGeek - Automatically record, transcribe and highlight your meetings and training with MeetGeek. AppSumo is offering a lifetime deal for $59.

Raindrop - If you're like, me, you save a lot of links. Some of them I store in Notion. But for others, I want to quickly save for future retrieval. For this use case, I use Raindrop. It's a powerful Chrome extension that lets you save and tag any link and access it at any time.

Scribe - Create step-by-step guides and documentation with screenshots in seconds. This Chrome extension should be in everyone's toolbox, IMO.

Markup Hero - I use this for creating quick screenshot explainers. I really love it. It's fast, simple, and keeps all your screenshots organized in one place. Another option is Awesome Screenshot. It's a similar tool that's great if you need to take quick screenshots.

Checker Plus for Google Calendar - Recently, I reinstalled this Chrome extension for two reasons. Firstly, I kept opening Google Calendar to remind myself of upcoming meetings. In addition, I was consistently late for meetings. With this simple tool, I can view my daily agenda without having to click.

Todoist - There are a few reasons why this is my favorite to-do tool. For starters, it has a slick Chrome extension. It is a huge win for me to be able to add a task or check on my priorities no matter where I am. Secondly, it integrates with my calendar. Thirdly, it is extremely responsive. Although minimal, it does the job very well.

Carrd - Need to create a nice-looking webinar registration landing page? Want to validate an idea but don't know how to use WordPress? If you ever need to put together a quick landing page, use this tool. It's literally one of the easiest landing page builders out there and costs almost nothing.

Canva - If you haven't been using Canva already, ummm what? This is the market leader for anyone who wants to create graphics like a pro designer but in a fraction of the time. Do yourself a favor and get this tool.

Zapier - This one is for the techies. I love to automate my receptive tasks. Zapier helps you connect almost any two tools together with zaps, saving you countless hours so you can focus on what matters most. Still don't know what I'm talking about? Watch this explainer video.

There you have it. My favorite tools.

Which one has piqued your interest the most? Reply back to this email and I'll send you one more tool that I've been keeping up my sleeve.🀫

Brandon Cestrone

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avatar Susan Klein
Hi, I really love your blog. Let me also share my favorite apps with you. I am also in love with Canva, which is a total life saver. Google Primer-perfect for entrepreneurs and marketers, provides short courses and lessons on various topics. Last one, Bordio, is a relatively new app, but also extremely effective for productivity: https://bordio.com/weekly-planner/
avatar Susan Klein
<a href="https://bordio.com/to-do-list">to-do app </a>