Hi, you want to hear occasionally from a passionate Natural Gynaecologist?

I teach and speak on Healthy Contraception, fitting to the different needs of women mainly online. Do you want to know more about Diaphragms, Natural Familiy Planning and also about IUDs (non hormonal ones). I´m professionally really fedupwiththepill and I´d love to share my knowledge of 30+ years.

Don´t you worry, I only write these Emails when I have something to tell. As in: my English Book on Diaphragms is back in print or there´s an online Course available. I´m never heavy selling as my days are busy with infertility patients, the other side of the medal.

This is an almost never, hardly ever newsletter that comes only a couple of times per year ... and yes, as I´m European, you´ll have to agree once again with the first E-mail coming your way. Now I pop the ring, if you say "YES", you will have to say "Yes, I do" again to make it official.

With warm regards from a mostly cold place next to the Baltic sea

Dr Dorothee Struck