Kenai is here!

Jun 16, 2023 5:22 am


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Hi, there. If you've joined the mailing list recently, I want to make sure you get your free Frosthelm book, Traitors Unseen. If you haven't gotten it, you can get it free here (the site will ask you to sign up for this newsletter, which you're already getting) or here from Smashwords. It's also on Apple BooksKobo, and Barnes & Noble. Please, enjoy with my compliments.

Kenai is here!

I'm so pleased to share my latest science fiction novel with you. Kenai is a space-opera-style adventure set in the same far-future setting as my earlier book Daros, although it doesn't share any characters. Kenai is available as an ebook and a paperback, and it's completely free for Kindle Unlimited users.


Here's the blurb to whet your interest:

A planet steeped in mystery...

Jess Amiko is long past her days as a space marine, with all the glory of that time tarnished beyond repair by what came after. Trying to rebuild from the ashes, she's taken a job as a security guard on Kenai, a lonely world far from the Council systems. It's supposed to be easy duty - quiet and peaceful, on a docile world with no real threats, watching over an archeological dig at a site built by a race long vanished.

Betrayed and attacked by forces unknown, and finding that nothing on Kenai makes sense, Jess is plunged into a desperate fight for survival that leads her deep into the mysteries of Kenai's past, and deep into the hardship and paradox the planet imposes on all who call it home.

(Content warning: military-style violence.)

I really working Jess up as I wrote. A seasoned veteran with a troubled past, she was had an interesting voice and attitude - tough on the exterior, and hurting, but trying to get through the obstacles that keep being put in front of her. She goes through a lot in the present in the main part of the story, and I was able to flesh out some of her background by dipping back into her past. I hope you'll have as much fun with her as I did.

A move was afoot

It's been a busy few weeks at Dave Dobson Literary HQ! On June 9th, the same day I released Kenai, my wife and I moved from our old house of 21 years to a new smaller one closer to the middle of town. It was built in 1939 and has a ton of charm. Unfortunately, I broke my foot (for the second time in as many years) a few weeks ago, so I've been on crutches and unable to pull my weight for the last few weeks, although I did work on the packing and sorting and organizing and countless Goodwill runs before that. I am afraid I've made my wife's life a lot harder, which I regret.

In the new place, I'm getting set up here with a new writing space, and I really like it. On the plus side, unlike our old house where I was set up in the basement, the cats have access to my office here, and I've already had a bunch of warm, furry visitors who enjoy bonking me in the face with their heads. If my future books have more cats in them, you'll know the reason why.

Got Trouble has some great new reviews!

I mentioned that I was running a promo for Got Trouble in my last newsletter, and I hope you picked up a free copy then. I ended up giving away over 7700 copies by the end of it, which is great. At its peak, Got Trouble temporarily reached the #3 rank for free thrillers on Amazon's bestseller list (although the term "bestseller" applied to a free book is a little odd). There's been a lot more interest in the book since, and it's picked up over ninety new ratings and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads:


All in all, a great bit of exposure for the book. If you'd like to give Got Trouble a read, or see what people are saying, it's available here.


Some stories to try

I'm part of several author collectives, and we share each other's work to try to help all of us reach more readers. In many cases, the books we share are are free or discounted. Sometimes, they ask that you sign up for a newsletter like this one. Here are some new books I have to share this month:

First, I have the awesomely-titled Bodacious Creed. I did not realize that the world needed a steampunk zombie western, but now that I know one exists, I am 100% down for it. Creed is a US Marshal murdered in cold blood and brought back to a half-life in a laboratory under a brothel. Why are you still reading this? Click the link already. :-) On sale for $0.99.


Next up, I have The Wedding of the Torn Rose by Brian Mendonรงa. This story starts Brian's well-received epic fantasy series, full of magic and nobles and betrayal and mystery. Give it a look for free with this first book!


Next, if you're into maple-flavored armageddon, I have Albertan Apocalypse by John Keillor. In a world broken by war and violence, a few brave Calgarians navigate a dystopian land forsaken by Tim Horton. This story begins a series, and it's only $2.99. Have a look today!


Finally, I have Galindra and the Troll by Adrian Murphy, a free short story that sets up Adrian's ForeSender series. The main character here is a female detective who is also able to shift into dragon form, which is just badass. See how it all began, for free!


Thank you!

Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. I'm so glad you're here, and I really hope you'll give Kenai a try! For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you're having a great summer - it's just starting to get consistently warm and sunny around here, great for exploring a new neighborhood.

May the Bloodmother watch over you - 




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