🔥 Quick reply needed!

Dec 05, 2021 5:56 am

Hey ,

I had an idea last night and am trying to implement it this weekend so I can upload the coloring book to Amazon.

Coloring pages can only be on one side of the paper since the weight won't work with most markers - there will likely be bleed-through.

So, I thought it would be fun to have a quote on the facing page. I found enough to fill the blanks but if you get one from your book to me, I'll replace it with yours.

It has to be short - like 20 words or less. Maybe 25 if your words are short!

Here's a great example, from Andrew, which Dania Voss submitted:

image image

Reply to this email or post in the FB group.

Sorry for the short notice. The nice thing with Amazon is how easy it is to update books! So if you miss this, in a few weeks I'll upload a new version with the new quotes!

Thanks to all who are sharing and posting to socials. So far I only see my own colored pages! But they will come... they will... :)