🥺 With working link 🥺 6 days of FREE rom-coms (day 6)

Aug 06, 2022 6:18 pm


What's better than a FREE book? Six of them!

I've teamed up with some rom-com author pals to give you the gift of a week of steamy, hysterical books that will have you swooning, laughing in public places, and maybe even feeling a bit scandalized. See below for the details on today's freebie!


Ridin' Solo by Marika Ray

At a measly five foot three, Captain Oakley Waldo seemed just fine riding solo at work and in her personal life. But when I accidentally burst in on her in a, shall we say, compromising position, she’ll have to work double time to keep the tension between us at a low simmer. 

My mission as her new partner? To bring out the wild woman I know is there underneath the starched uniform. Only problem is, she seems dead set on discovering the past I vowed to keep hidden away.

With stolen moments of forbidden passion in between arrests, creative uses for those handcuffs, and four meddling sisters who won’t butt out of Oakley’s life, this law enforcement partnership is set to explode!

Ridin’ Solo is a standalone, small town romantic comedy with heat, heart, and a heavy dose of crazy town shenanigans. If you like alpha heroes who meet their match while fending off crazy sisters who keep interfering, this is the RomCom for you!

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